In late 2012, at the suggestion of Major General James E. Livingston USMC (Ret), Harbour House was formed as an independent charitable corporation with the purpose of building and operating a Fisher House type facility for the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC.

The need for this facility is undeniable: families of Veterans undergoing treatment at the hospital desperately need a comforting place to stay, free of charge.

The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center didn’t have enough land to qualify for a Fisher House in Charleston, South Carolina.  In order to address this issue, Fisher House Charleston LLC was formed in 2013 to purchase 150 Wentworth Street. In August 2014, this site was purchased and in November 2016, following acceptance of the land by the VA, a formal groundbreaking took place. As of January 2017, thanks to thousands of individual, church, community, military, fraternal, association, corporate and foundation donations, we have achieved the prime objective of retiring the $4,000,000 debt for the land.

As has been shown on the “News” section of this website we are additionally responsible for the renovation of the historic carriage housing on the north east corner of the lot.  Residing in a National Historic District carries responsibilities and standards that must be addressed.  The end result will be a unique warm and welcoming environment for our visiting families as well as doubling as a much needed storage space.  Hence, we will continue to solicit donations until we have sufficient funds.  This renovation will require approximately  $250,000 beyond our existing bank account and will begin after the main facility construction is complete.

We are excited about the construction phase, which will continue through 2017.  We are even more excited to provide 16 families lodging as we enter 2018 and will appreciate your continued support for years to come.





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