Ten Tips For Eating At Restaurants In The Pandemic

Despite encountering a series of inconveniences to return to the operation, the restaurateurs have done their part: they reduced the capacity of diners, they trained the staff, they acquired protective equipment and products to disinfect, and some even modified their facilities.


Decalogue Of The Exemplary Client


We live a process of adaptation, to ensure a good experience in your favorite restaurant under the new rules it is necessary:


1. Trust. One way to help restaurants and reactivate the economy, in general, is by allowing establishments to correspond to your choice.

2. Respect. The established standards do not depend on the place or the personnel; they are only responsible for enforcing them. Use your mask to enter and follow the instructions.

3. Punctuality. Make a reservation and help the restaurant handle higher occupancy, respecting the same times.

4. Comprehension. If your usual dish is not on the menu, it is probably necessary to reduce complexity and adapt preparations with fewer steps.

5. Hygiene. Consider the health of others. Placing cell phones, masks, or tips on the table is not convenient. Neither is asking the staff to take photos of you: a cell phone can have 30 times more bacteria than a toilet.

6. Consideration. The tip is proportional to the service received; however, after four months of reduced income, the staff makes a great effort to cover their expenses. Help them with a fair reward.

7. Desktop. The length of stay requires consideration for the restaurant to achieve higher occupancy and sales percentage. If you are going to stay, consume.

8. Responsibility. If you have symptoms, refrain from attending out of respect for you, the staff, and the rest of the guests. The restaurant has the authority to restrict access or request to vacate.

9. Take care of yourself. Show consideration for the staff and the rest of the diners having greater control of the minors while you remain in the facilities.

10. Communication. Recommend that place where you had a good experience. Your suggestion creates the possibility for restaurants to achieve permanence in the market.

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