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What is the future of United States and North Korean relations?

Following the Hanoi summit between U.S. President Trump and North Korean Chairman Kin Jong-Un, North Korea has not been able to meet the trust and expectations of the parties that are hopeful of denuclearization. North Korea has been unable to reduce its nuclear threat.

Instead, North Korea has increased its nuclear production and created more ballistic missiles. Korean workers party has also created a film which expresses that Kim will not give up on nuclear weapons.

With Kim’s insincerity, U.S. – North Korean relations are in jeopardy. North Korea has also mentioned that U.S. should take corresponding measures in return of North Korea’s actions. If North Korea is going to continue making nuclear weapons, financial sanctions against the nation would enhance as a corresponding measure. Significant information operations may initiate against North Korea. Over time, U.S. government may be under pressure to take military action to counter the nuclearization.

On the other hand, if Kim is sincere regarding denuclearization, he must act by what he has expressed.

For 2019 New Year address, Kim expressed that he no longer produces nuclear weapons. This may be a sufficient cause for U.S. to provide sanction relief to North Korea. But this may not materialize unless North Korean denuclearization is verified.

What North Korea should do is to allow inspection teams from International Atomic Energy Agency to visit all of their important nuclear weapons production sites. The teams would go there and confirm that production of nuclear weapons has halted. They can then install monitoring devices, such that the termination stays sustainable. Following the freezing of production, the facilities should be dismantled.

U.S. intends to have a full declaration of nuclear weapon program of North Korea. To start with, North Korea should provide a list of production facilities that manufacture nuclear weapons. There are around ten such facilities. Their addresses, capacities and functions can fit over a single sheet of paper.

But it is unlikely that North Korea gives the entire list. This makes the inspection challenging. It is only when inspections deliver the desired outcomes, that U.S. can go ahead with sanction relief and the measures that correspond.

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