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How can we Better care for Soldier’s Wives at Home

Many people get the impression that soldier’s wives are living well off due to getting money sent back by their husbands. However the role of a military man’s wife is a difficult one. There are a number of challenges that has to be considered.

The first one is the isolation. Many times – a soldier’s wife’s social group will not include other’s soldier’s wives – and the social experiences can change – and the dynamics can change.

“It is different – inviting a woman without her husband to various social events” – an anonymous woman in the Bay Area has admitted “I don’t want my husband around a woman who doesn’t have her own husband around.”

It is a very unfortunate situation – and while it is not something that the wives of regular husbands will admit – it is a dynamic that does play out.

We aim to connect soldier’s wives to other women who are in the same situation.

“We feel the social connection is the thing that’s most missing in a lot of cases for soldier’s wives,” – Marcus – a representative from Fisherhouse Charlestone says.

Various social events – even if it’s something as simple as meeting up in a coffee shop – can empower people to feel closer to each other and get ideas flowing for other social events.

Also – a lot of soldiers may not always send money back at all times – in the end this is their choice – and the worst case scenario – one that should not be imagined but should still be mentioned – is the possibility of a soldier dying in combat.

While the wife receives a small pension – it is much less than the husband’s income – and the standard of living is affected – and what to do then?

All of these things are important – and that is why we counsel these women about their options going forward – and what they should look into should the worst case scenario arise. Of course we hope it will not – but only a fool would be unprepared.

Our insurance options ensure that should their husband pass away – they will be covered and comfortable throughout their life.

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